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Do you have an Etsy shop, home business or are a consultant for a company? Would you like free advertisement? Giveaways of Blessing welcomes giveaway sponsors and product reviews! Here is how it works:

Giveaway: It's super easy! All you do is send me an email at and let me know what you are willing to giveaway. I will prepare a giveaway post and will publish it as soon as I have a open Monday that isn't already scheduled for a giveaway or review (Please contact me for available dates). I use Rafflecopter widgets to take giveaway entries which I've found is easy and quick for both me and the people entering. Giveaways usually run for one to three weeks. After the giveaways ends I'll use, provided on to randomly draw a winner. After hearing from the winner I will email the sponsor with the winners name, and address and then you mail them their prize. In the giveaway post, I will share about your shop, give links to your shop, and any other social network links you might have such as Facebook, twitter, blog etc. I also share pictures of your items with links, to help my readers see what else you sell, etc.

Product Review: A review is a wonderful way to get my opinion on your products and for me to spread the word about them through my blog. With  product reviews,  I receive an item which I get to keep, in exchange for my honest review post for the company/shop. I always do my best to promote shops that I enjoy and would gladly review something for you if your shop meets my requirements for being sponsored and promoted on my blog.

I always strive towards honest, yet promotional reviews. Please know that if I do review one of your products, I will give my 100% honest opinion, which could potentially not be a positive review, if I do not like the item. However when I o not like an item I am reviewing, I always make sure and explain this in a nice way without putting the company down. I always try and be honest, yet at the same time, help promote the company/shop I'm featuring. NOTE: I prefer to choose the item I will be reviewing, if possible. When hosting a product review, I will take 1-4 pictures of the item, and of the product. I will honestly review your product in several paragraphs, commenting on the product, the customer service, the quality, the overall shop, my thoughts, etc. I will also give links to your other items, your shop, and any other links you might have to Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.

Note: It is up to you whether you host both a product review and giveaway, or just a giveaway or product review. However, you can get the maximum amount of advertisement when hosting both, as people often want to read others thoughts of the item they will be entering to win/a shop they might potentially purchase from. I am very flexible and would be delighted to work with you so please just drop me an email if you are interested and I will take your company/shop into consideration!

NOTE: I have the right to reject giveaway and product review offers if I think the shop is not honoring to the Lord, or isn't fitting for my viewers due to content. However I gladly welcome review and giveaway offers, I just choose to filter those submission to best fit my blog readers.

Interested In Sponsoring?
Contact me at and I'll respond within two business days {please let me know if you have any questions, as I am very open to answering any you might have}. Thanks so much! Without our sponsors there would be no Giveaways of Blessing so we are so thankful for each of our sponsors and hope that you will consider being the next!
Updated November 11th, 2013