Giveaways of Blessing blog posts, and product reviews/giveaways are written by Bethany W. I do not receive any form of payment or compensation for my reviews other than a free item for my review. I am not paid to write the reviews found on this blog, I merely receive a free product and share my honest opinion of it and the company/shop. I always try my best to give the company which I am reviewing/hosting a giveaway for, the best promotion I can by helping spread the word about their company/shop,. However I give honest and truthful opinions in my reviews that are completely my own thoughts, and are completely honest and unbiased. Please note that though I may be reviewing a company or hosting a giveaway, this does not directly mean I endorse or agree with every single thing about their company or website, such as links that take you to another site, or maybe a certain image or descriptive word choice. However, I do my very best to make sure I only promote companies and shops with wholesome material that is fitting for all ages and God-honoring. 

Even though the original point in hosting a giveaway is to giveaway an item, if the company/shop owner for some reason does not comply with their promise to mail a free item to the winner, I cannot be responsible to make up if they do not fulfill that promise which is only able to be fulfilled by the sponsor. I try my best to make sure this doesn't happen, but if for some reason it does, I am not responsible for finding a replacement prize and mailing it to the winner.
Updated November 11th, 2013