Monday, March 17, 2014

Feature & Product Review // Willow Tree Minerals

Hello friends! Today I've got an exciting product review to share with you all! Recently our family has been looking into going for more natural make-up, and skin care items. Realizing all the harmful chemicals that are in all the items you buy at the store, and put on your skin made us realize how much more healthier it is to be all-natural. And to, when possible, only use products without toxins and chemicals to keep your body healthy. Today's shop is a perfect resource for similar minded ladies, as it offers so many different cosmetics, body and skin care products, and the best part is there are all complete natural and safe for you skin!
Today's shop feature is from the shop Willow Tree Minerals, and I was so delighted to get to try a few of the shop's products out to share with you all today. This shop has quickly become a favorite of mine since there are so many different choices and shades to choose from. Just about any cosmetic item you'd ever use on your face including foundation, concealer, blush, primer, powder, eye liner, mascara and eye shadows are available in a natural version with several shades to make it easy to find the perfect shade for your skin tone. Before jumping into the review, let's take a look at what the shop offers:
// A Peek Into The Shop //
Lavender Vanilla - Natural Facial Cleansing Bar
// Lavender Vanilla Natural Facial Cleansing Bar ~ 2.95 //

Lace - Pure and Natural Mineral Satin Foundation
// Lace Pure & Natural Mineral Satin Foundation ~ $17.95 //
Pinch Me - Pure and Natural Mineral Blush
// Pinch Me Pure & Natural Mineral Blush ~ 10.95 //

Mini Roasted Coffee - Natural Mineral Eye Liner Pencil
// Mini Roasted Coffee Natural Mineral Eye Liner Pencil ~ 5.95 //
Strawberry Sorbet - All Natural Mineral Lip Shimmer
// Strawberry Sorbet All Natural Mineral Lip Shimmer ~ 4.95 //
Plum and  Mauve Kit - Set of 3 Pure and Natural Eye Shadows
// Plum & Mauve Kit Set of 3 Mineral Eye Shadows ~ $16.95 //

Black Slate - Pure and Natural Mineral Mascara
// Black Slate Pure & Natural Mineral Mascara ~ 14.95 //
June Bug - Natural Non-toxic Nail Polish
// June Bug Nontoxic Nail Polish ~ 7.95 //

// The Product Review //

I was so excited to be able to try out a few items from Willow Tree Minerals. I'm very interested in trying out more all-natural cosmetics, and really enjoyed sampling the items from this shop!
Lora was so sweet in sending me not only one sample, but several. She told me to give her a list of items I thought I would enjoy testing out; and then she chose a couple of the items from the list to send to me to review.
The products/samples arrived in the mail very quickly, and I was very happy with how quickly the items were shipped. When the items arrived, I got my camera and took some pictures of the items. But when I went to upload the photos to the blog post I realized that my siblings has last uploaded pictures from the camera and that somehow I'd misplaced the photos I'd taken of the items. By this point I'd already opened the products and used them a few times, so I thought the next best thing would be to share the pictures from the shop in place of the ones that got lost. I'm sorry about this! But in all honesty I'm sure you'll enjoy the shop photos better than my own as they are so professional looking and lovely! I love the whole nature theme, and think the photos are just suburb!
Since I was sent several items, I'm going to go through each item separately to hopefully keep things easy to understand and helpful. So let's get started!

Apple Struesel - Natural Facial Cleansing BarFacial Bar in Apple Struesel
{View in Shop}

When I received this facial soap bar, I was very excited to try it out, especially since I'd just run out of a facial soap. When I first opened the soap I was so excited to find it smelled exactly like apple pie; though I was a bit surprised with how the bar ended up being a bit smaller than I'd originally thought it would be. I was able to use it twice daily for a week and a half. While that would be a bit of a downside since you'd have to repurchase a bar more frequently, I do think the smell and cleaning job that it does would make it worth it. The sent is so pleasant-just strong enough to smell it but not so much that it's overpowering-and did a nice job of cleaning my face. A lot of times in order to get your face clean you have to use a stronger or harsher soap which leaves your face feeling very tight afterwards. But I didn't feel this with this soap, and it still cleaned my face well.

Pouting Plum - All Natural Mineral  Lip ShimmerLip Shimmer in Pouting Plum
{View in Shop}

My mom has recently been looking for a good lip color that is moisturizing, a pretty color and that's all-natural and face-friendly. When we tried out the lip shimmer from Willow Tree Minerals we were very impressed and think we found a new favorite lip color! I really like the formula-it's very creamy but not mushy-and glides on your lips nicely. Another thing that is nice is that with this lip shimmer you don't have to sacrifice miniaturization for color since you can get both out of this shimmer. The only down side I'd say, is that the tube is overall smaller than a normal chap stick tube. However it's still plenty wide to get your lips in one swipe without needing to re-apply several times to cover all of your lips. And the color is a very pretty natural pink that is very flattering and feminine, but not super harsh of unnatural looking.

Porcelain - Pure and Natural Mineral FoundationPowder Foundation Sample in Porcelain
{View in Shop}

I was very excited to try out the sample tester jar  mineral powder foundation (which is the size of the jar in the middle of the flower in the pictures of the product from the shop). I have been very interested in switching the foundation I use to a more natural based one. When you think about it, foundation is the majority of cosmetics that you put on your face, which is absorbed into your body, and if it's not natural then you don't want all those chemicals on your face! Overall I was very pleased with the foundation which has a good coverage. When I applied it to my face I'd apply concealer to problem areas, and then apply the foundation on top. While the foundation in itself doesn't cover blemishes, it does help even out the skin tone and look very natural and pretty on the face. Plus it doesn't feel "cakey" and allows your skin to breath while it's on your face. I noticed it did a good job at lasting throughout the day without need for re-application or touch-ups. I'll also add that I have very fair skin, so I opted for the Porcelain shade since it was the lightest shade available. I think it was a very good match for my skin-tone, and I really liked the helpful guide on the foundation descriptions that made this choice easier to make since there was a chart explaining what shades work with which skin-tones.
Plum Drop - Pure and Natural Mineral Eye ShadowEye Shadow Sample in Plum Drop
Currently I'm  really into darker purple shadow colors, since it works well with my dark hair and eye color. So seeing that on the shop site, this shadow in Plum Drop looked to be very dark and I was excited to try it. But to be honest when I tried out the sample bag that I was sent I found this shadow to be very sheer and not extremely pigmented. I found that even after re-applying more of the shadow I wasn't able to get an obvious purple color eye lid. While this is not good for people who are like me and like a very obviously pigmented shadow, for those who like more natural looks that aren't as harsh; then this would be a good shadow color choice for going a more natural looking route. I don't know if I just had an unrealistic expectation of it being darker than the photos, but personally it was different than I'd hoped for and a little too sheer for my personal eye shadow choice.

Pomegranate Frost - Pure and Natural Mineral BlushBlush Sample in Pomegranate Frost 
{View in Shop}

This powder blush sample that I received in Pomegranate Frost is a super pretty natural blush color, that I've been loving! The color, when applied blends out well and isn't at all a harsh color. It looks very natural and has some bronzer-color undertones making it perfect to pair with a light bronzer for an overall sun-kissed look. I liked how this blush was very pigmented so a little goes a long way! It's a lovely feminine color that I'd totally purchase!
So that's my thoughts on the several products that Lora was so kind to send me to review! I'd like to thank Lora for her generosity to try out Willow Tree Mineral products! I had a wonderful experience with this shop, and would totally recommend this as a wonderful all-natural cosmetics resourse! Until next time, you all have a wonder Saint Patrick's Day!
D I S C L A I M E R :: I contacted the shop owner with the offer to sample some of the products from Willow Tree Minerals for the purpose of a review and promotion of the shop if I liked the products. I was sent the review items free of charge, and was not paid in any way to promote this shop or review it's items. All thoughts expressed in my reviews are completely my own, honest and unbiased.