Monday, February 25, 2013

Product Review & Giveaway :: Glacier Skin Care

In the winter, I always enjoy having a bunch of lovely smelling lip balms on hand to use throughout the day to prevent my lips from drying out and cracking. I guess you could say that I'm really into lip balms because I have several varieties from fruit flavored ones to ice cream flavors when it comes to lip balms! If you are the same then you will want to stay tuned for this weeks review and giveaway, where I'll be featuring a delightful etsy shop, Glacier Skin Care! Let's begin!
//  A b o u t    T h e    S h o p   //

Glacier Skin Care is a sweet-smelling etsy shop - no pun intended - that sells both perfumes and lip balms from colored lip tints in a nice variety of colors, to clear sparkly lip gloss, perfect for this winter weather and bound to add some color - or sparkle - to your day! :)
Here is a little peek into the shop's goodies! :)

Ultra Violet Lipstick, Moisturizing purple lip color with sparkles

Monday, February 11, 2013

Giveaway :: Flower Child Shoppe

Today I've got a lovely giveaway that I think you ladies will enjoy! But first I'd like to introduce you to our lovely sponsor: Flower Child Shoppe!
Here is a bit about the shop from the "About" page:

Flower Child Shoppe was created as an outlet to express my creativity. I began with jewelry pieces, but have expanded to include everything from woman's wear to home decor. I create my pieces to be unique, different, and fun. We are all unique individuals, and my collections celebrate this! A few of my specialties include printed note cards, fabric flower necklaces, and knitted dish cloths. Please pour a cup of tea, and enjoy your look around Flower Child Shoppe!
 This whimsy shop has all sorts of pretty homemade items such as bracelets, hair accessories, hand warmers, embroidery work as well as some other works of art! Here is a sample of a few of the pretty items up for sale in the shop!
Embroidered Wall Art // Fiber Art // Silk Flowers and Vines // Blossom Wall Hanging
{Embroidered Wall Art - Blossoms ~ $25}