Tuesday, October 1, 2013

FALLing Into Fall // Day 1: FALLing Into Fall Tag!

Hello Friends!
Are you excited about the start of this blog party? I sure am!
So to kick things off, I thought it'd be fun to start the party with a little tag, so you guys can get to know me, and I can get to know you! And since this party is all about autumn, of course the tag will be autumn themed! :) First I'll share the questions to the tag as well as my answers, and then at the end of the post I'll give you an opportunity to participate by answering the tag questions on your own blog! And if you participate in the tag on your blog by posting your answers, you'll get extra entries in all the giveaways during the party, so it's a win-win situation! So here we go, here's my answers to the tag!

// FALLing Into Fall Tag! //
1} What's your favorite season? Why? (Don't be afraid to answer some season other than fall, if it's truly is your favorite season!)

My favorite season is for sure autumn. *Surprise!* =) I love this season for a lot of reasons, but mainly because of the cooler sweater weather and the holidays that come with it; and all the quality family time. Plus, whenever fall comes I just always feel so much happier; it's as if God decided to bless me with a cooler day, and that just somehow makes me super happy, and it lifts my spirits. It's hard to explain, but if you've experienced it yourself, then you know what I'm talking about. =)

2} What's your favorite part of autumn?
This might turn out to be a rather long list, because there are a LOT of things about fall that I love!
  • The cooler sweater weather
  • The yummy foods and smells that come with the season
  • Baking special foods in the kitchen
  • Talking walks down the roads, crunching fallen leaves as we go
  • Snuggling up with a good book by a cozy fire
  • Catching falling leaves (It's a game our family "made up" quite a few years ago, and no matter how old we get we still play it every year)
  • Thanksgiving
  • Burning yummy smelling candles
  • Occasionally putting the windows up and listening to the sounds outside whether it be a tiny bird chirping, or the wind rustling the trees.
3} What's your favorite memory of autumns past?
How do I pick just one? I have so many fond memories of autumns past, but I'd have to say sticks out most to me was quite a long time ago. I don't remember my exact age, but I was wasn't even ten yet. My mom would gather our jackets and warm socks and shoes, and we'd take ten minutes putting them on, as well as then putting the then-babies (They are much older now!) in strollers. Once we got all that accomplished we'd go take a walk down our street. I distinctly remember signing fall time songs as we all walked down the road and we also tried to catch leaves before they hit the ground, squealing and all that fun stuff. =) We also made a game of running over leaves and crunching them with our bike tires whenever we rode those, which we did quite frequently during the nicer days.

Another memory that I remember well was not so long ago, only a couple of years ago. We managed to get our hands on several large pumpkins after Halloween, and we took a whole day and cooked all of them! (We had to have had at least 2 huge roasters/slow cookers going all day!) I remember having a hard time cutting up the pumpkins into sizes so we could cook them down, and eventually we had to resort to dropping the pumpkins on the ground outside and letting it crack open. We were afraid that if we tried getting a knife into it, we'd end up cutting ourselves since the pumpkins were hard and rather large. After we got them cooked down we peeled the skin off and froze all of the pumpkin, later unfreezing it to make a bunch of different pumpkin recipes. We literally had so much pumpkin we made pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin pie; pumpkin everything!
4} What's some of your favorite autumn foods?
Really anything with pumpkin. Pumpkin pie, cookies, bread, etc. But I also love candy corn and caramel apples! Then how can you forget yummy fall coffee?
5} What's some of your favorite things to do in the autumn days?
Burn yummy smelling candles (My current favorites are called Warm Cookies and Pumpkin Pie), take walks down our road, crunching leaves as we walk, read by the fire with a cup of cocoa, watch holiday movies with my family and just sit outside and listen to the wind and birds, enjoying the cooler weather. Being that I'm a Texan, it gets rather hot in the summer (!!!), and once fall rolls around we are more than ready to stop melting and enjoy the nicer weather!
6} What's your favorite autumn wardrobe additions? (Scarfs, gloves, socks, jackets, leggings, etc.)
Probably fuzzy socks, just because I wear those most often during the autumn/winter. Usually once the weather get cooler, I practically live in socks, since we have tile in 90% of our house, and it's gets rather cold on the floor.  But I also can't do without my knee high boots and a good cozy jacket. Also, leggings are usually a must for me, and are a great way to look cute and stay warm.
7} Does your family have any autumn traditions?
Usually every autumn we do a lot of baking. Not that we don't bake during the other season, but we do a lot more during autumn. Mostly because in the summer it's so hot that we don't want to heat up the kitchen to three hundred and fifty degrees, but in the autumn and winter, it's actually nice to not only warm the kitchen but bake something all at once. You know, multi-tasking. Plus during this season we cook pumpkins and use the puree in various recipes. And since I'm the oldest of 6 children, we usually have a lot of eager hands to help mix and add ingredients! =) Most of the time when we decide to get an apron on and bake something, it turns into a half-day long ordeal and we usually double the batch...a few times. By the end of it all, the kitchen usually ends up looking like a tornado came through, and you can forget about seeing the bottom of the sink due to all the dishes filling it needing to be washed; though all the yummy baked goods are worth it. =)
8} Hot cocoa or apple cider? Do you like to add anything to them such as marshmallows or ice cream?

Hmmm, that's a hard one! I'd have to go with warm apple cider with a big scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream though, as I had some at a friends house last year, and it's all I can think about now whenever I think of autumn drinks! Needless to say, it was very yummy!
9} Pecan pie or pumpkin pie? Why?
Pecan pie with whipped cream. Why? Because it's got more sugar! Duh! =)
10} Which is your favorite month, September, October or November? Why?
 I'm gonna go with November, mainly because that the month of my birthday =) as well as Thanksgiving, which is one of my favorite holidays.

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1) What's your favorite season? (Don't be afraid to answer any season other than fall, if it's truly your favorite season!)
2) What's your favorite part of autumn?
3) What's your favorite memory of autumns past?
4) What's some of your favorite autumn foods?
5) What's some of your favorite things to do in the autumn days?
6) What's your favorite autumn wardrobe additions? (Scarfs, gloves, socks, jackets, leggings, etc.)
7) Does your family have any autumn traditions? (Pumpkin patch picking, Thanksgiving, etc.)
8) Hot cocoa or apple cider? Do you like to add anything to it such as marshmallows or ice cream?
9) Pecan pie or pumpkin pie? Why?
10) Which is your favorite month, September, October or November? Why?

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