Monday, September 30, 2013

F A L L ing Into Fall Blog Event Announcememnt!

Hello Friends!
First off, I'd like to apologize for the lack of posting around this blog. I knew it had been a while since I'd posted a review or giveaway, but didn't realize it had been several months until I actually checked. Needless to say, my life has been quite busy these past couple months, and that was the biggest reason for the unplanned blogging break which lasted quite longer than I'd have liked.
However I'm really pumped about getting back into the groove of things with beginning to post more regularly. So to officially end my blogging break, I have a very special surprise for you all! I've got a very special series of posts that are currently in the works of being planned, and I am super excited to announce it to you all today!

I don't know about you, but I am a total fall kinda girl. There are some people who, when asked their favorite season, reply with whatever season we are currently in, because it's hard to decided between the four. But not me. Nope! I have always soundly replied "Autumn" and have never changed from this answer just because I'm very much in love with this season! I just LOVE autumn! I mean between the lovely colors, cooler weather, the fun clothing, as well as fond scents that this season brings, it just makes me a total nut for anything related to autumn. :)

Each year whenever the season transition from the humidity-filled heat of Texas, to nice days with gentle breezes where you just wanna sit outside all day long and watch crisp leaves fall to the ground as you sip on some apple cider; I kinda start to get excited. (Just a little bit.)
So yeah, it's no surprise that I love fall. And to be completely honest, when I woke up on September 22nd, the first official day of fall and went outside to a cool morning, I just totally got excited. I am so eager for the cooler weather and can't wait to take advantage of this years autumn weather and enjoy it to the best of my ability.
So, you've probably already guessed what the theme of this blog event is going to be right? Yup, I'm hosting a big blog event dedicated to the celebration of the arrival of autumn! I'm calling it the FALLing Into Fall Giveaway Event since it's exactly that: a series of several giveaways that will feature etsy shops that are contributing a fall themed item for the giveaway that you can use during autumn! I really hope that you all will join me here on this blog, starting tomorrow, on the first of October as I kick off the party with a special blog tag that I'd love for you all to participate in! I am also planning on including a couple other fall related posts to go with all the giveaways, and am very excited about this blog party!  I've already got several great etsy sponsors that have contributed some lovely autumn themed prizes for the giveaway event, so I hope you guys will join me as we get ready to embrace the season!
You Are Invited
to the
FALLing Into Fall
Blog Party!

Where: Giveaways of Blessing Blog
When: October 2013
What: Join us for a bunch of autumn themed
giveaways, craft tutorials, recipes, and more!

I hope to see you all back here on this blog tomorrow to start the party! See you all then!