Monday, July 1, 2013

Review + Giveaway :: NYC Metro Girl


// A Peek Into The Shop //

Cranberry Apple Lip Scrub

Cupcake Soap - Sage Dream (Sage & Citrus)

Bath Salts - Creative Juice (Juicy)

Vegan Handmade Soap - Lavender

Roll-On Perfume Oil - Lime in the Coconut (Lime Coconut)

// The Product Review // 

When I sent an email to Minnie, the lady behind NYC Metro Girl, I was so excited to hear back from her with an offer to sponsor both a review and giveaway. I just love bath and body products, especially homemade ones. So since this is what NYC Metro Girl specializes in, I was so excited to receive my package from the shop with my review items, which Minnie picked out to send to me. 
When I received my box of review items from NYC Metro Girl, I was so excited to see so many bath and body products, as I had no idea I would receive so many different items to try out. I would definitely consider this review to be one of my favorites of all the ones I've done this year, and had so much fun using each of the items! Since I received several items, I'll go through them one by one so I can give details on each of them. :) 
// Orange Shea Butter Sugar Scrub //

Okay, so to start out I've just got to say that this sugar scrub smells heavenly. It is such a yummy orange scent and I really enjoyed the smell it left after use. The neat thing about this scrub is that it's a sugar scrub so it's a natural way to gently get rid of dead skin. I found that it did the job nicely and the sugar lasted just long enough to gently exfoliate and then it would dissolve and leave the oils, which I opted to rub off with a paper towel before washing my hands/feet to get the remains of the scrub off.
// Cocoa Dream Cupcake Soap //

I have always wanted to try out a cupcake soap since they just look fun, so I was super excited to try out this one that I was sent. I really loved the scent of the dreamy cocoa and liked how the soap can be divided into three parts, the cupcake base, the "frosting" and the little tip and to top of the "frosting". The soap lasts quite a while and I always enjoyed using it and the pleasant after scent that remains after you finish washing your hands. It made me want to just go and wash my hands just to be able to smell the soap. :)
// Vegan Tangerine Soap Bar //
This vegan soap bar smells so good! I loved how it was a light tangy orange scent that wasn't overpowering but still very nice. It had a great lather effect when wet, and once I finished washing my hands with this bar soap it left a very clean feeling that you get from pure soaps that leave a refreshing clean feeling after use. It made me want to keep washing my hands so they would smell like oranges! :) I really liked how the soap had blueberry seeds in it to add effect and scent, and thought it made the soap extra fun and gave it a neat texture.

// Creative Juice Whipped Shea Body Butter //

I've not tried a bunch of body butters in the past, so I had lots of fun trying this one out! I found that since there are is quite a bit of oil that remains on your hands after the butter is messaged into your hands, and due to the strong scent, you only need to use a very small bit of this sweet smelling body butter-making it last longer. I liked the unique scent and found the butter to be nice and thick, perfect for moisturizing hands in the winter. While this item wasn't my favorite of the review items, I enjoy using it.
// Creative Juice Bath Salts, Lime in the Coconut Bath Salts,
Sweet Nuts Creamy Bath Powder, & Sage Dream Creamy Bath Powder //

 Bath Salts ::
I loved these sweet smelling bath salts and the fun scents they came in. Not only are they good for baths, but also for soaking your feet in, and add a nice scent to the water. I loved how the creative juice scent "matched" the whipped body butter, as I love to use the same scent in different products to "stack" the scent.
 Creamy Bath Powder ::
The creamy bath salts, are a unique twists to well known bath salts and is a creamy powder that foams when put in water adding a relaxing effect, which I loved. I found this really nice and loved the sweet nuts scent that matches the roll on perfume.
//Sweet Nuts Roll-On Perfume //

At first when the scent "Sweet Nuts" came to mind, I didn't exactly know what to imagine as to how it would smell or if I'd like it. But when I put it on it smell much different than I though it would. It definitely has a nutty smell, but it was also sweet and makes a lovely scent with the two mixed together. I found myself applying it to my wrists quite often and it almost became addicting, it smelled so good! Another great thing is since it's a stronger scent, you don't have to use as much when you put it on, so it'll last longer than a lighter perfume that you have to put more on to get the desired strength. I have been using this stuff so much throughout the day-it's almost addicting with how yummy it smells!

// Cranberry Apple Lip Scrub //

This sugar lip scrub is a light scrub, that has a small amount of sugar. I found I considered it more of a lip balm than a sugar scrub, and liked the scent as it was nice and refreshing. I found myself using this lip balm so many times throughout the day. Since it soaks into your lips a bit quicker than most lip balms, mainly since it's a lip scrub, I found I put it on a lot and would just carry it, along with the roll-on perfume in my pocket. I loved the refreshing cranberry-apple scent and found it to be a great lip product!

In all, I was super pleased with my review items from NYC Metro Girl. The items were generous full sized products, and the shipping was very fast. I also loved the great service. My favorite part of NYC Metro Girl's products were the yummy scents-I loved them all! My favorite of the products would probably be the soaps and the roll-on perfume and lip scrub. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone who loves homemade bath and body products, as I'm sure you won't be disappointed! I'd like to sincerely thank Minnie for providing me with the wonderful items to review, and for sponsoring this weeks giveaway!

   // The Giveaway //

Today Minnie of NYC Metro Girl has been super generous to give away not only one item, but
four today for our giveaway! Here's what one winner will receive:

Solid Perfume - Lime in the Coconut (Lime Coconut)

Cupcake Soap - Sage Dream (Sage & Citrus)

Sugar Scrub - Energy Twist

Cranberry Apple Lip Scrub

This giveaway is open to U. S. entries only, and will run until July 12th, 2013 and after it ends I will notify the winner via email with details on redeeming their prizes. The winners name will also be announced on the below RaffleCopter widget. You guys have a great day!
N o t e :: I was sent the review items from NYC Metro Girl for the purpose of this review, and was not paid to do so or to host the giveaway. All thoughts expressed in the review are completely my own, honest and unbiased.


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The vegan handmade soap in lavender. :)

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oh, I love love her shop. especially her perfumes, and her soaps also look amazing.

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The lip balms and scrubs. :)

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I'd love to try the cupcake soaps!

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The lime coconut perfume sounds SO good!

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I like the Creative Juice Sugar Scrub.

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I like the lime coconut perfume!!

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hhmm...I like the Creative Juice Whipped Shea Body Butter!

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