Monday, June 17, 2013

Review & Giveaway :: Wild Butterfly Boutique

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Hi there! Today I've got a very fashionable shop that I will be reviewing, and they are also sponsoring giveaway! Today I'm excited to share with you about a lovely little online shop called Wild Butterfly Boutique which is a website that sells pretty necklaces in bunches of spectacular colors! Shall we take a peek at the lovelies this shop has to offer?

// A Peek Into The Shop //





Image of "Mini" - J Crew Inspired Bib Bubble Statement Necklace - Orange
Image of Colored Mustache Statement Necklace Funny - Black

 // The Product Review //

To start out, I'll be honest and say I'm not a crazy about necklaces. For the most part, I've not worn very many and mainly stick with my earrings, which is about 90% of the jewelry I own-which will not come as a surprise to be my favorite type of jewelry. So while I've not been terribly adventurous with this type of jewelry, lately I've been interested in adding more necklaces to my wardrobe, and find unique ways to style them. So I was delighted to be able to find out about Wild Butterfly Boutique, and even more delighted to be able to review one of the adorable necklaces they sell. It was a bit of a challenge deciding which necklace I'd like to review, because even though there are only a few different necklace designs the hard part was choosing which color I would like. There are so many different ones to choose from and all of them look lovely! But after obtaining advice from my mother and sister, I decided on the Teal J Crew Inspired Bib Bubble Statement Necklace. Looking back, I think I made a good choice as it goes well with a lot of the clothing I own, making it easy to pair with an outfit. 

{Photo Taken From Wild Butterfly Boutique Website}
At first I wasn't sure if I'd be crazy about this necklace, since it originally looked a bit bigger than
something I'd normally wear. So to be safe I decided to review the "mini" necklace, which is a few inches shorter than the classic necklaces that Wild Butterfly Boutique sells. However when I first got my necklace in the mail I adored it from the moment I tried it, and think I will really enjoy styling this necklace with outfits in my closet. I have found it to go well with several clothing pieces already, and really like the feminine look it gives to the overall appearance of an outfit, adding a dressy side, making it a lovely addition to church or special outing attire.
My necklace arrived in a very timely manner, only a few days after I contacted Wild Butterfly Boutique with my review item choice, and arrived in a pretty brown box. I can honestly say that though I didn't know if I'd be crazy about the necklace, I love it and would feel very confidant purchasing from this shop. When I was trying to make a decision as to which necklace I would review, one of the lovely people at Wild Butterfly Boutique was very helpful and replied to all my emails and questions very fast and was super nice and helpful. So I'd totally recommend this shop! Overall I love the necklace and would highly recommend this shop to all jewelry/fashion lovers! I'd like to extend my sincerely thanks to Wild Butterfly Boutique for allowing me to try out one of the lovely necklaces they sell!

// The Giveaway //

For today's giveaway, Wild Butterfly Boutique has offered to allow the winner of this weeks giveaway to pick a necklace from the shop as their prize! Thank you Wild Butterfly Boutique!!
To enter the giveaway, use the Raffle Copter form below to enter. Entries will be taken until June 28th, 2013 and then the winner will be announced on the entry form as well as emailed with details on redeeming their prize. Happy entering and have a splendid day!
N o t e : : I was not paid to host this review and giveaway on my blog. All thoughts expressed in the review are completely my own and 100% honest and unbiased.


haley jane said...

Ooooo so cute! I think I'd pick the Tear Drop Statement Necklace in deep turquoise or mint. :)

Vanessa said...

How funny... ditto Haley Jane! I love that necklace... the color would be more difficult to pick. ;)

Kianna Rose said...

I love these statement necklaces!!!

I'd love to wear the "Curvy" - J Crew Inspired Bib Bubble Statement Necklace - Aqua Turquoise.

Anonymous said...

Great review! I really like the bubble necklace in Lemon

Madeline said...

I'd wear a bubble necklace... but I'd want all the colors! Haha

Becca Anne said...

I love these necklaces!! :)

Elizabeth said...

probably a pink bubble statement necklace

Kati said...

I like the teal bubble statement necklace.

Eden said...

I love the mint green bubble necklace! So pretty!

Miriam said...

I would be most likely to buy/wear the"Mini" - J Crew Inspired Bib Bubble Statement Necklace in teal. So pretty!!

Natalie Gilley said...

I like the "Mini" - J Crew Inspired Bib Bubble Statement Necklace in teal! =)

Shiloh said...

I like the Tear Drop necklaces. :)

marcia said...

oh, either the Tear Drop necklaces or the mustache necklaces :)