Monday, June 3, 2013

Review & Giveaway :: Hands of Grace

Hands of Grace

"Hands of Grace specializes in homemade lotion bars, made with all natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals or weird preservatives, so you don't need to worry about what you're rubbing onto your skin! Perfect for people who have sensitive, but dry, skin. Lightly scented with either pomegranate or lavender. Hands of Grace also offers a variety of other homemade bath and beauty products like lip balms and bath salts."
// A Peek Into The Shop//

Hands of Grace is a delightful small shop that sells all natural and homemade embossed lotion bars, lip balms and bath salts! Here is a peek into the shop!


// The Product Review //
When I first heard about Hands of Grace's lotion bars, that was the very first time I had heard of the concept. So I didn't know what to expect when I requested to review a lotion bar from Hands of Grace, but when my lavender scented lotion bar came in the mail, I really enjoyed using it and found that it was a really neat idea! The lotion bars that Hands of Grace sells come in two different scents: lavender and pomegranate. I choose to review the lavender scented lotion bar since I've always loved the smell of lavender and found the lotion bar to smell very much like lavender. I loved how the scent was pleasant yet not overpowering which I have a tendency to not like if a scent it too overwhelming.
The lotion bar is a unique consistency. The bar is solid, yet a bit soft and I found that instead of rubbing the bar on my hands, it was easier to chip or cut a small bit of the bar and then rub that into my hands. At first the lotion is a bit oily, from the ingredients, but after you rub it in it is very moisturizing and soaks into your skin. I used the lotion not only on my hands but I also rubbed the remaining oil after I'd rubbed the lotion into my hands, to message it into my finger nails and around my cuticles. You could also use the lotion as a safe mosquito bite itch relief since, the ingredients are all natural and don't contain nasty chemicals found in store-bought products.
I really appreciated the timely shipping and the note that was included with my review lotion bar explaining a bit about lotion bars, what they are made of and optional ways to use it. I also thought the lotion bar was a very good size. I was scent a full sized bar, and the embossed pattern was the bottom right oval one with a flower in the middle, and loved how pretty it was.
Overall I was very pleased with the lavender lotion bar I was sent to review and would definitely recommend it! I'd like to thank Hannah for providing the lotion bar for me to review!
// The Giveaway //
Hannah has been so sweet to offer a lotion bar, in the winners choice of scent from lavender and pomegranate, to giveaway! Thank you Hannah! To enter the giveaway, please use the RaffleCopter entry form below. The winner will be announced on this post as well as emailed after the giveaway ends on June 14th. If you have any questions about entering the giveaway then just leave a comment and I will respond as soon as possible. Have a blessed week!