Monday, May 6, 2013

Review & Giveaway :: Newman's Own Organics

// A b o u t    T h e    C o m p a n y //
"Newman's Own Organics was established as a division of Newman's Own in 1993, and became a separate company in late 2001. The sale of Newman's Own Organics products generates money for the Newman's Own Foundation to give away. Since 1982 Paul Newman and the Newman's Own Foundation have donated more than $350 million dollars to educational and charitable organizations worldwide." ~ Taken from the website
Newman's Own is a wonderful company that sells all natural and organic treats ranging in a wide variety of foods from cookies to pretzels, to chocolate! Today for our Monday feature Newman's Own Organics was so kind to send me some of their products to review and giveaway!
// T h e    P r o d u c t    R e v i e w //
When I received my 7 pound box of review items from Newman's Own Organic, I was quite surprised at just how much was sent for our review! I have never before had such a great selection of review products to try out-and full sized too! It is by far the best food product review I have ever done as far as the amount of full-sized products sent to me for the review.
{Please ignore the horrible photos! Sorry about that!}
 In all I received 18 different products to try, and since I come from a large family of 8, I had lots of helpers who were more than eager to help out with this review. ;) Since there was an abundance to items to share my thoughts on, I think I'll go through by category or sections to make the review run smoother. I'll also share some brief thoughts on each product and them my overall thoughts at the end, and then I have a giveaway set up for your guys! So here we go!