Monday, April 22, 2013

Giveaway :: The North Way Studio

{ A b o u t    T h e    S h o p }
The North Way Studio began as a knitting venture to pass the time in the winter of 2011, when the idea first blossomed. Although the shop remained empty until spring of 2012, I was busy fondling squishy yarns and envisioning extravagant Fair Isle designs. Of course, a few wire wrapped pieces were sprinkled in here and there. It wasn't until opening that I realized how much I truly enjoyed creating pieces of jewelry.
So, overnight, the shop morphed.

Instead of knitted goods, the store became dedicated to heirloom stones and metal working. My obsession for gemstones came hurdling out of my mind and into reality, resulting in hours of searching for the perfect specimens over too much espresso and coffee. It became, and still is, my sole addiction to whittle away the hours.
{ A    P e e k    I n t o    T h e     S h o p } 
White Topaz Earrings - Handmade 14k Gold Drop Clear Crystal Modern Gemstone Mother's Day Gifts for Women.