Monday, March 4, 2013

Product Review :: eShakti

For readers who have been following Giveaways of Blessing for a while, you may remember when I introduced you guys to the wonderful women's online clothing shop eShakti back a couple months ago! eShakti is a online clothing site that is super unique because they offer special alterations and custom sizing on all their items! So what does this mean? Well basically if you see a clothing item that you love, and really want but you'd prefer it be changed a bit like the length or sleeves, then you can order it custom to your preferences with the different options available! If you like a shirt but don't like the sleeves, then check out the options for cap sleeves, or quarter-sleeve!This site is also wonderful for ladies that are harder to fit when it comes to clothing, since you can give them your measurements and they'll make the item custom to fit you! Pretty cool huh? I sure think so, and the neat thing is unlike expensive tailors, special alterations and custom sizing on an eShakti item start at only $7.50 extra to the normal item price! Oh, and I forgot to mention that they have such a wonderful variety of options-they are sure to have something just for you!
In fact, they just came out with a sweet new spring line of multiple clothing choices that are perfect for getting you in the spring spirit and help you spring into spring. :) They have a super cute selection of both dresses, shirts as well as skirts! Now while spring hasn't officially started yet, it is right around the corner! Here is a little peek at a few of the many spring items available on eShakti right now!

{ M a d i s o n   D r e s s  ~  $ 6 9 . 9 5 }
{ B o w  -  T i e     R u c h e d    S l e e v e    T e e    ~    $  4  9  . 9  5  }
Plus Size Women Clothing , Clothing Apparel
{ D r a p p e d   C o l l a r   H e a r t   K n i t  T u n i c   ~   $ 5 9 .  9 5 }
What Sizes Are Plus Size , Women Clothing Catalogs
{ T i p p e d   T r i m   H i g h   W a i s t   S k i r t  ~  $  5 9 . 9 5 }
Skirt On , Tall Misses Clothing
{ C o n t r a s t    S e a m e d   P o p l i n   S k i r t  ~  $ 4 4 . 9 5  }
//  T h e    P r o d u c t   R e v i e w  //

Pink Blouses For Women , Skirts And Blouses
{ R u f f l e d   C o t t o n   P o p l i n   T o p  ~  $ 5 9 . 9 5 }
A couple weeks ago, I got an email from eShakti with an offer to help them spread the word about the online shop's new Spring Collection through a product review, and of course I said yes! :) It wasn't very hard finding something I liked on the site-the real problem was having to choose just one as they were all very cute and most of them things I'd love to wear! After debating in my mind and weighing the options with my sister and mother I decided to go for this feminine dressy shirt that in my opinion screams my name since I'm all about ruffles and the color pink! (You might could say I'm a bit of a girly-girl....just maybe. Ha ha)

{ Thanks to my 'lil sis Courtney for taking the photos. :)}
This shirt has been very nice for more dressy occasions such as church, and while the material isn't as comfy as my everyday t-shirts (expectedly), it isn't that bad. At first I was a bit concerned with the neckline, since I wasn't sure how low it come down on me, but with the pairing of a handy cami it's a perfect fit! I absolutely love the ruffle detail and think it adds a very feminine touch to the garment.

I decided to use the special customization option when I submitted my sample request instead of going by the normal sizing that is available. So I ended up submitting with my order all my measurements and when I got the shirt it fit perfectly! It is a bit tight in the process of getting it on/off but once it's on, it fits very nicely. I love how it's not overly tight but not overly baggy as well so they did an excellent job getting the shirt to fit my measurements.

//  S p e c i a l    C o u p o n    C o d e  //
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{ I'd like to thank eShakti for my free shirt provided free of charge for the purpose of my review. I was not paid to do this review, and all thoughts are 100% mine and now biased since I got a free item. }