Monday, February 25, 2013

Product Review & Giveaway :: Glacier Skin Care

In the winter, I always enjoy having a bunch of lovely smelling lip balms on hand to use throughout the day to prevent my lips from drying out and cracking. I guess you could say that I'm really into lip balms because I have several varieties from fruit flavored ones to ice cream flavors when it comes to lip balms! If you are the same then you will want to stay tuned for this weeks review and giveaway, where I'll be featuring a delightful etsy shop, Glacier Skin Care! Let's begin!
//  A b o u t    T h e    S h o p   //

Glacier Skin Care is a sweet-smelling etsy shop - no pun intended - that sells both perfumes and lip balms from colored lip tints in a nice variety of colors, to clear sparkly lip gloss, perfect for this winter weather and bound to add some color - or sparkle - to your day! :)
Here is a little peek into the shop's goodies! :)

Ultra Violet Lipstick, Moisturizing purple lip color with sparkles
 Ruby Dust Lip Tint, Moisturizing dusty red/pink lip color with sparklse
 Coral Lipstick, Moisturizing hot pink/orange lip color
Sunset Sheer Lip Tint/Gloss, Moisturizing Two-Tone Peach and Purple Lip Tint
Burgundy Lip Color/Pigment, Dark Red/Brown Lip Pigment
Lily of the Valley Perfume Oil, Roll On, Sweet Floral aroma
Vanilla Perfume Oil, Roll On, All Natural Spicy/Sweet Essential Oil Perfume
 Citrus Blossom Perfume Oil, Roll On. Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapfruit and Blossoms aroma
//  T h e   P r o d u c t   R e v i e w  // 
I was so delighted when I heard that I had won a giveaway sponsored by this nice shop on another blog, and when I received my lip balm in the mail, I liked it so much that I wanted to share with you guys how much I like Glacier Skin Care lip balms. When I asked Laura if she was okay with my doing that, she graciously offered to host a giveaway to go with my review as a special treat for you guys! Isn't that so sweet of her?
Desert Rose Lip Tint, Moisturizing light dusty pink lip color with sparkles
{The lip tint I received, in the shade Desert Rose.}
As for the review, there is one thing I really appreciated about Glacier Skin Care: the quick shipping! I received this lip tint very quickly! Like within two days, kind of quickly! So for sure if you are looking for a shop that gets your items to you super quick then be sure and check out this shop! Once I did receive the lip tint I found that Laura has so kindly also sent me a free Glimmer Gloss along with my lip tint.
The lip tint that I received is called Desert Rose and it is such a pretty dusty pink color. It has not only a pretty color which features pretty shimmery sparkles, but also a nice vanilla scent, which I really liked. The scent wasn't overpowering, but at the same time it was just enough to make you want to close your eyes and take a deep breath to inhale all the vanilla goodness! :)
I love this lip tint so much because it doubles as both a moisturizer/chap stick and adds color like lipstick! I have used it several times when going to special occasions were I wanted to add some color to my lips, and it worked wonderfully and kept my lips moist.
The Glitter Gloss I received is perfect for moisturizing and adding a little sparkly glitter goodness my lips and is more of a thicker consistency.
Glitter Gloss, Sparkly Lip Gloss
{Glimmer Gloss}
One thing that is really neat about all of the Glacier Skin Care lip glosses is that they are made with all natural ingredients which means no nasty chemicals and stuff you don't want on your lips or in your bloodstream! The Desert Rose lip tint's list of ingredients on the label read: Castor oil, vitamin E oil, beeswax, vanilla flavor oil and mica. I can't tell you how nice it is to have a lip product that I can feel good about putting on my lips since I don't have to worry about what is in it!
Overall I really have enjoyed using these two tubes of lip gloss and would recommend this shop to all lip gloss lovers and friends of all natural products! I received sweet service, speedy shipping and a lovely product that didn't disappoint!
//  T h e   G i v e a w a y  // 
Giveaway time! :) This week I am so excited to be able to allow one of you ladies to receive this pretty Seashell lip tint which will be sure to spice up your smile!
Seashell Lip Tint, Moisturizing light pink/orange lip color with sparkles
Seashell Lip Tint, Moisturizing light pink/orange lip color with sparkles
Lip Tint Listing : "This Seashell lip tint is a light shade of warm and pearly seashell pink, with a spectacular hint of orange. Having subtle sparkles and a wonderful sheen, this Lip Tint is made with Castor and Vitamin E oil which makes it double as an excellent moisturizer! With a fresh and warm vanilla scent, this lip tint is made with: Castor Oil, Beeswax, Vanilla Flavor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Carmine, and Tin Dioxide."
To enter just use the simple Raffle Copter entry form below. You can either sign into the form using Facebook or your email. The giveaway is open to the U. S. only, and will run until March 8th, 2013. Once the giveaway ends I will notify the winner by email and give details on redeeming the lip tint. I'd like to thank Laura from Glacier Skin Care for sponsoring this weeks review and giveaway, and in the mean time until the giveaway ends, go check out her shop! Have a blessed Monday!
{Disclaimer: I was not paid to host this review or giveaway on my blog. I received the lip tint through a giveaway I won on a blog and contacted the owner of the shop Glacier Skin Care to see if she would be okay hosting a giveaway on my blog with my review of the lip tint. All thougths are my own , 100% honest, and not swayed by my free lip tint.}


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