Monday, December 3, 2012

Review & Giveaway :: Kosher Casual

Happy Monday everyone! Today I've got a great review and giveaway that you ladies trying to be modest yet cute at the same time will surely enjoy! Let me introduce you to our sponsor, Kosher Casual!

About The Shop ::

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This weeks sponsor is a wonderful company called Kosher Casual that provides modest, practical and afforable clothing. Kosher Casual has all sorts of modest clothing options such as skirts in all lengths, shirts, excersizing clothing, clothing accessories and even men and boys shirts plus more! Kosher Casual is a great resource for ladies looking for a modest excersixing clothing alternative since they have skirts made with leggins just for people who want to be modest yet compfortable while they work out. Here are a couple of the many items available at Kosher Casual:
{Long Tiered Skirt ~ $33}

{Women's Long A-Line Skirt ~ $27}

{Long Printed Pencil Skirt ~ $23}
The Product Review ::

When I learned that I'd be able to pick a garment from Kosher Casual to review, I had a hard time picking one since their was lots of great options! I finally choose one, so today I will be reviewing Kosher Casual's Long A-Line Cotton Skirt in the color black, a retail price for this skirt is $25.00.
Since Kosher Casual is based in Israel, the shipping process was a bit more of a wait, but considering that, I received the skirt within 2 weeks of ordering it, so I think they did great as far as getting the item to my home in a timely manner.
I am very pleased with the skirt I was sent from Kosher Casual. My favorite part about it is how comfortable it is! The fabric is nice and light weight for hot summer months, but is also nice for winter use as well. I also like how you can either dress it up or down, and either works great! In the photos, I choose to dress it up a bit, so I added a nicer shirt and heels to the skirt, but I've also worn it with a t-shirt around the house or out and about, and that works great as well.
The only thing I'd advise people about when ordering from Kosher Casual is make sure you get the right size! Since I believe their is a difference between the standard sizing in Israel and the U.S. I wasn't sure what size skirt to get when picking out an item. But their handy sizing chart was extremely helpful, and according to my measurements and what size the chart told me to get, the skirt fits perfectly even though the size is a lot bigger than what I'd normally get when purchasing something in the U.S.


Another nice plus to this skirt is how it's got lots of leg room, but isn't overly full. The fabric stretches nicely, so I don't have to worry about being all "tied up" and can move freely. The elastic waist band is also another plus and makes for a  very comfortable fit. Overall I'm and very pleased with the skirt and would definitely recommend Kosher Casual!

The Giveaway ::
Today Kosher Casual has so generously agreed to giving one of you followers a gift cards to Kosher Casual for $25! With the cards you could get a nice skirt, or some smaller items or maybe even something on their sale rack! Thank you, Kosher Casual!
To Enter the giveaway, use the Raffle Copter entry form below. If you have any questions then just let me know in a comment! The giveaway will run until December 14th and the winner will be contacted via email with details on redeeming their prize. Have fun!"


marcia said...

oh this looks amazing!! just letting you know, that your rafflecopter widget isn't up. I'll check back later. ;)

Kara said...

Maybe you could do more giveaways with stuff such as books, jewelry and unique items.

CountryGirl said...

I love the clothing giveaways!Yu could do more of those. Maybe you could try something new on your banner too!

Eden said...

I love Kosher Casual!!!