Thursday, November 8, 2012

Book Review :: Fearless Daughters of the Bible By J. Lee Grady

   Fearless Daughters of the Bible               By J. Lee Grady
  Publisher :: Chosen Publishing
Year of Publication :: 2012
ISBN :: 0800795318
Number of Pages :: 224
My Rating :: 2 out of 5 stars

Book Description ::
Bestselling Author Reveals How God Empowers Women for Leadership and Purpose Christian women are often led to believe they are God's afterthoughts--as if they were created inferior to men or destined by God to play a secondary role in life. Not so, says bestselling author J. Lee Grady, father of four daughters and a leading international voice confronting the abuse of women. He counters that the Bible's message is neither sexist nor patronizing. Through sharing the lives of 23 mold-breaking biblical women, Grady shows how God enables his daughters to do amazing, even impossible things. He also reveals the empowering, yet often-overlooked, gifts God longs to give each of his daughters--gifts like wisdom, fruitfulness, leadership, family, and boldness. When women learn to receive each of these, and more, as a divine inheritance, they will live the fearless and beautiful lives of purpose God desires for them.

My Review ::
Fearless Daughters of the Bible is a book that goes into detail with studying certain important women figures in the Bible, and shares what we can learn from those women.
He mainly focused on one woman per chapter, except the last chapter where we study more than one woman. However, I realized that their were also a lot of examples of women who weren't in the Bible, who live in this present day and age. I was a bit surprised by this since their was also more examples of women in the current day, than those in the Bible. 

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars. The main reason for this is because I found Grady's interpretation of certain Scriptures concerning women's roles, to be polar opposite from mine, and unfortunately I didn't agree with much of what he was talking about in the book. Mainly I disagreed with his view of women's ability/calling to be in authority over men in the area of large things such as pastoring churches, and leading large ministries. I personally don't think God has called women to be pastors, but to be homemakers at home, serving their families. While I don't at all think women shouldn't ever teach, I think their should be a balance, and God's Word very clearly states that a woman should not teach a man, so I didn't agree with his views in this area.

 This was one of the major areas I disagreed with Grady's theology points, this one being the biggest. Sadly, I wasn't really able to relate to this book as much as others, since I didn't agree with much of what he was saying. I'd recommend this book to ladies who have Grady's same viewpoint as far as women being in authority over men, pastoring churches, etc, however if you do not believe this is what God has called women to be, then I'd probably not recommend this book to you.

I'd like to thank Chosen Publishing for providing a copy of Fearless Daughters of the Bible to review. All thoughts are mine and 100% honest.


Marjo.....B. said...

I am glad to hear that you don't agree with the views in the book. I was going to request it to review, but thought it looked ''polar opposite'' from MY beliefs, as well!
It's annoying when you're stuck with those kinds of books to read and review. However, it's helpful to any other readers out there, to discover the truth!