Monday, August 27, 2012

Book Review :: This Scarlet Cord By Joan Wolf

Hello ladies! Today I've got another book review for you all! I hope you aren't getting too tired of them! :) As you can probably see, I love to read and how that you find my reviews helpful! Today I'll be reviewing a wonderful book called This Scarlet Cord by Joan Wolf, which is a fiction story based on the story of Rahab in the Bible!

About The Book ::

Publisher :: Thomas Nelson
Source :: Book Review Program
Publication Date :: 2012
ISBN :: 1595548777
Number of Pages :: 320
My Rating :: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Age Recommendation :: For girls 15+

A chasm lies between Rahab and her beloved Sala that can never be crossed.
Though Sala rescues young Rahab from slave bandits, he knows he can never fall in love with a
Canaanite. His belief in the One True God prevents them from a future together. Rahab's beauty
gains royal notice, and she is selected to entice the King during the annual sacred marriage
reenactment praising their pagan god, Baal.
But when the King suffers a heart attack and dies, Rahab is saved from the humiliating act. Her
despair drives her curiosity about Sala's One True God. Could He accept her . . . even love her?
Deceit and pride stand in the way of Rahab's happy ending. Only God can use these events to tell
the larger story of forgiveness and redemption. {Description from}

My Review ::
I have always enjoyed fiction books based on events found in the Bible, and was excited to be able to review a copy of This Scarlet Cord which is a fiction story based on the story of Rahab, who was later on, the mother of Boaz and later is found in Jesus genealogy in Matthew. I give it 3.5 stars and enjoyed it!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Giveaway & Interview :: Bonny Blue

Happy Monday to you all! I hope you ladies had a great weekend and that your start of the week is going well! Today I've got a very unique shop feature and giveaway in store for you all ladies who love historical vintage items, so let's take a look at our sponsor, shall we?

About The Shop ::

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Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you all about a most lovely shop  named Bonny Blue that sells a variety of very feminine, modest historical reenactment clothing. I for one, love historical clothing, so I was very excited to discover this wonderful resource! I personally love how this shop focuses on modesty in their items, so you have have a beautifully made historically accurate dress, and have it still be modest! Bonny Blue even takes custom orders! Here is a bit about Bonny Blue which can be found on their website.

"Welcome! You've found Bonny Blue. Home of quality handcrafted items from the Shannon family. Whether you're looking for clothing, jewelry, note cards, gifts, or fine art, you can find it all here.

Historically accurate, handmade clothing from the Regency and Victorian eras are our specialty. However, any time period that you are interested in will be our next big thing. 

Design-Your-Own Dress Kits, our newest offering, are sure to become a hit with the young lady in your life. Hours of creative fun can be had drawing, designing and coloring an endless array of historically accurate costumes. Girls ranging in age from 6 to 16 and beyond will learn about the different elements of fashion and style.

Whether you're looking for fine art prints or any-occasion note cards you must check out our affordable artistic creations. Once you visit the Bake Shoppe, the Watermelon Room and the Sewing Room you'll want to examine each detail again and again. If you like birds, you'll want to take ours home in a set of note cards we call Branch Meeting. And if you're an animal lover, our western art will steal your heart!"

Here are a few of the items you can find on Bonny Blue's website ::
{Girls 1860's Historical Ready-Made Dress in Sky Blue Size 10 ~ $75.00}

Friday, August 17, 2012

Book Review :: Inescapable by Nancy Mehl

Today I'm back with another book review for you ladies! Today I'll be reviewing the book Inescapable, book number 1 in the Road to Kingdom series by Nancy Mehl!

Inescapable, Road to Kingdom Series #1About The Book ::

Publisher :: Bethany house Publishers
Source :: Bethany House's Book Review Program
Publication Date :: 2012
ISBN :: 0764209272
Number of Pages :: 336
My Rating :: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Age Recommendation :: For girls 13+

Lizzie Engel is used to running away. At eighteen, she left her Mennonite hometown, her family, and her faith with plans never to return. Five years later, Lizzie finds she'll have to run again. False accusations at her job, a stalker, and a string of anonymous threatening letters have left her with no other options. This time, however, her escape is back to Kingdom, her hometown. 
As Lizzie becomes reacquainted with Kingdom, she realizes she may not have left her Mennonite roots and her faith as firmly in the past as she thought. She draws on the support of Noah Housler, an old friend, as she hides out and attempts to plan her next steps. 
When it becomes painfully clear that the danger has followed Lizzie to Kingdom, suspicions and tensions run high, and she no longer knows who to trust. With her life and the lives of those she loves at risk, Lizzie will have to run one last time--to a Father whose love is inescapable. {Description from}

My Review ::
I really enjoyed this book and give it 4.5 stars!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Book Review :: Almost Amish By Kathryn Cushman

I love both contemporary and Amish fiction, so when I saw the opportunity to review a book that had the best of both worlds-both a bit of contemporary and a bit of Amish fiction all in one novel-I was super excited. I'd heard about this book, and seen the cover right as it was released, and had wanted to read it so I was very pleased at the chance to review it. 

Almost Amish
About The Book ::

Publisher :: Bethany House
Publication Date :: 2012
Number of Pages :: 320
ISBN :: 0764208268
My Rating :: 5 out of 5 stars

Description :: {Taken from}

Julie Charlton is at the breaking point. She's overwhelmed and burned out, and in today's unrelenting society, her kids are, too. When her sister-in-law Susan, a Martha Stewart-in-training, lands the chance to participate in a reality TV series promoting simple living, and needs another family to join her, it seems like the perfect opportunity. 

The location is an idyllic farm outside an Amish community in Tennessee. Julie, with her two children, joins Susan and her teenage daughter for a summer adventure. Susan needs to succeed in order to become self-sufficient after an ugly divorce, Julie needs to slow down long enough to remember what her priorities are and regain a sense of purpose and meaning. It becomes clear from the start that "living simple" is no simple matter. With the camera watching every move, Susan's drive for perfection feels a lot like what they left behind, while Julie suddenly finds herself needing to stand up for slowing down. With each new challenge, their season of "going Amish" gets more and more complicated, as each woman learns unexpected lessons about herself and her family.

The Review ::
I was very excited to be able to read this book as I'd been wanting to for a while. Although it's the first book I've read by Kathryn Cushman, it probably won't be the last! When I got this book in the mail from Bethany House to review, I could tell by the first chapter that I'd love it...and I did! I loved how inspirational it was and how it makes you think, while at the same time providing an entertaining read with a mix of both contemporary and Amish fiction.