Monday, June 25, 2012

Product Review & Giveaway :: Lilla Rose

Hi there! As some of you may remember, awhile back I was blessed to be able to review some of Lilla Rose's Flexi clips for my mother and sister, and today I'm back with another Lilla Rose feature! For those of you who were disappointed that you didn't win the last Lilla Rose giveaway, then stick around for your chance to enter another giveaway today!

About The Company ::
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{If you click on the website link and it doesn't show Sarah's page click on the little link in the top left corner of the screen that will say "Looking for Sarah's page? and it should take you right to it."}

Lilla Rose is a wonderful company that sells all sorts of womens' hair accessories including headbands, hair sticks, bobby pins, and the famous flexi clip. Some of you may be familiar with the unique flexi-clip, but if you aren't then you are in for a treat! Basically the flexi clip in a hair clip that has a hair stick on the bottom which slides through the top part which is flexible, thus working to hold all hair types. There are several different designs to choose from and they are all simply gorgeous! And the best part is there are 6 different sizes: mini, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and lastly mega so that no matter which hair type/length you have, there is a clip just for you!

Lilla Rose has lots of different consultants who are ladies that love the flexi-clip so much that they sell them. Today our giveaway is going to be sponsored by a sweet consultant which I've had the pleasure of working with, Sarah M. 

Okay, so would you like to see some of Lilla Rose's lovely flexi-clips?
{Roman Cross ~ Size Small $14.00}

{Antique Style Dangle Jet Size Small ~ $21.00}

{Purple Stone Cluster Size Small $21.00}

{Sea Inspired Dolphin Size Medium $15.00}

{Classic Etched Cross Size Medium ~ $15.00}

{Filigree Dragonfly Size Large $16.00}

{Plumeria Flower Size Large ~ $16.00}

{Here is the sizing video which you can watch to see what your flexi size is!}

The Product Review ::
As you may have already read, I was able to review two clips for my mother and sister awhile back. So today I am reviewing a clip in my size since there clips didn't fit in my hair since mine is soooo thick. :) Sarah was so sweet to let me choose a clip, but I was a bit concerned with getting the right size. My hair is thick, thick, thick. I mean THICK! It's also wavy and long {elbow length} so that makes it even thicker! At first I thought I'd need a large for sure, but as I thought more about it, I wondered if I needed the extra large, or maybe even the mega. Sarah was very patient and kind and was very helpful in giving advice on what size to get. Eventually I decided that there was no way I could get anything but a extra large in my hair so I went with this clip:

{Silver Celtic Cross Size Extra Large ~ $21.00}

I emailed Sarah telling her which clip I would like, and I got it within two weeks. This clip took a little longer to get than I'd have thought but it came all safe and sound and I was very excited about my new clip. Since my hair is thick, I don't have many options as far as hair styles go since most average clips won't hold all my hair. I usually do a bun and secure it with 5-6 medium sized jaw clips. Since down here in TX it's super humid in the summer I was looking forward to using this clip to keep my hair off my neck during the hot months. Here is a picture of the package once I received it. As you can see, it came in a pink baggy with a sizing and styling sheet showing how to do some of the simply hair styles.

I love the clip! I've gotten several compliments on it and it's fairly easy to use and so pretty! The only bad thing is that occasionally my hair will get stuck in-between the beads and it will pull the hair when I take the clip out, but this normally doesn't happen but every once and awhile. I definitely got great service from Sarah and I'm sure that if you ever need any help with sizing details, she would welcome any questions you have as she did with me! Here are some photos of the clip.

I was mainly getting this size so I could do a bun, here is a video with the extra large size clip showing the bun I do.

The Giveaway ::
So have you fallen in love with the pretty clips? If so then you can enter today's giveaway to win any clip in your choice as long as it's up to or under a $16 value! This giveaway is only open to ladies living in the U.S, Canada and Mexico. Thanks to Sarah for sponsoring this lovely prize! Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. The giveaway will end on July 3rd, and the winner will be announced the next day on this post on the below Rafflecopter widget as well as contacted via email.
Have a lovely day!


Talia said...

I'm doing a flexiclip giveaway too! I absolutely LOVEEEE THE FLEXICLIP!!


Tiana said...

My favorite clip is the Filigree Dragonfly, but they're all soooo pretty!

A (Daily) Woman said...

My favorite is Divinely Framed Jewel

Angie said...

I like the charming rays of sunshine in the xtra small size

Carson W said...

I rally love the Etched Tiger Lilly small flexi clip.