Monday, June 18, 2012

Product Review :: eShakti

Hello ladies! Today I have a product review for you all! For those of you who are hard to fit clothing-wise, like me, then this review is for you! 

About The Company ::
Today's feature is a neat company called eShakti {pronounced e-shuck-tee} that specializes in customized clothing to fit your body shape! I had seen that a few of my other blogger friends had the chance to review one of their items, and I loved their dresses, so I asked if I might be able to review their company and to my great delight they said yes! :) Personally I don't have hardly any dresses-mainly because they never fit me! They are always too tight here or too loose here or not long enough or modest enough to fit my personal modesty standards. This website is the answer to that problem since they allow you to customize your clothing! Their motto is "We design. You customize." and it's certainly true! This website sells all sorts of womens' clothing from dresses, to skirts to accessories! And all their clothing has customize options! For only $7.50 more you can give them your measurements and they make the dress to fit your body measurements! How cool is that?

Here is a bit about eShakti straight from the email that the eShackti worker sent me:

"eShakti is a unique women's apparel store online that allows custom changes in the style of the garment - sleeve, neckline, length can all be changed by the customer to her preference.
We also offer the full size selection from size 0 - 26W and custom size too.  Even custom clothes are shipped in 5 business days.  We ship across the USA and Canada.
The special appeal of our designs are the embellishments we give via print, embroidery and fabric texturing.  So its designer-wear that is not readily seen in stores. 
Unlike other stores, we are never stocked out.  All the hottest colors of the season in every product and style and in every size is always available."

Here are a few favorite dresses:

{Rosette Trimed Blooms Dress $69.95}

{High Neck Print Dress $59.95}
{Ruffle cascade Dress $59.95}
{Pleated Chambray Dress $69.95}
{Floral Eyelet Dress $89.95}
{Lace Silhouette Retro Frock $69.95}

The Product Review ::
eShakti kindly let me choose any item from their store. While they have some lovely tops and skirts I choose to go with a dress since I don't have many church clothes. Boy was it difficult choosing which one to get! There were so many to choose from! Mainly my first concern was it fitting right and then secondly modesty was a big concern as well. Since the dresses aren't modeled on actual women I was concerned that the dress I choose wouldn't fit my modesty standards, specifically the bust area since I'm larger there and try not to wear terribly tight clothing since it doesn't help the size any. ;) I personally choose to keep my top covered completely as well as not to show any part of my leg above my knee. While I know that some people are okay with a lower neckline and a shorter skirt, I always can wear more modest clothing with more ease and comfort since I don't have to constantly worry about too much of my leg or top showing when I sit or bend down. So that being said, I'd like to put one thing out there: I don't necessarily agree that everything they sell is modest, from my personal standards. I'd personally not make some of the tops and dresses so low-cut. Some of the dresses they sell are not something I'd personally wear, but you may be different as far as personal convictions go, however I just wanted to make sure that's understood. However I do appreciate how they have the customization available which can help when it comes to dress lengths. But anyways I've been rambling enough, would you like to see the dress I decided to review? 

The dress I choose

I choose their lovely Rosette Trim Dress {Valued at $59.95} in red. I opted to just go with their large size versus giving them my measurements, since I didn't want to have to worry about my measurements being wrong, and they were very close to the suggested measurements on the sizing chart I used. I also choose the longest length available which is mid-calf length. They had another sleeve option but I went with the shown puffed ones. At first I was worried about the neckline coming down too low since you can't really tell were it will fall since it's not on a woman. However I knew if for some reason it was too low I could wear a camisole underneath, which I ended up doing.

I submitted to eShakti the dress I'd like on Monday afternoon and I received it a week and a day later. To be honest it wasn't anything like I expected. I seemed to be under the impression that the dress was a darker red from the website photos, but once I got it is was really a tomato red, which was lighter than I thought and when I wear the dress, it makes me look like a Mexican girl. {I do have a fair amount of Mexican blood in me, so... :)} Even though it took a while to get used to the look {I hardly ever wear dresses so maybe that was the problem} I really liked it! Although if I got to choose again I'd probably have chosen a different dress. I also would have gone with flat sleeves versus puffed ones like I got, since they were a bit more "puffier" than I would have thought. :) Here are some pictures of me in the dress. Sorry about the wrinkles in the skirt area, I took these right after opening the package so I didn't have time to press them I never iron hardly anything no days... I wore it was a think little black belt around my waist which helped add some color and I also wore some black flip-flops as well as a side french braid I did. I had a light camisole under the dress for modesty purposes.

A close up of the front with the rosette details.

The back view of the smocking which I found helped the dress to fit me perfect!
Overall I like the dress, even though it took some getting used to. When I first saw it on me I kind of panicked since I guess I thought I'd look better in it...but it's very comfy and nice and light and airy for the summer. I love how it's not too think to were you can see through it, but it's think enough to work without being too hot. I also love how it's not overly dressy so you can use it as a sundress for a party or just a casual event while if you wanted to you could really dress it up. I loved how it had two deep pockets...since they are always a good thing! The smocking on the back of the dress helped make the dress a perfect fit! I was pleased with how well it fit me even though I didn't choose the customized size option. As for the sleeves, I was amazed at how even though it was gathered with elastic for the puff, it wasn't way tight to were you can't move your arms at all, which to me, is quite annoying. I also was pleased to see that the bust of the dress wasn't terribly tight like some now days and that even though it wasn't to tight, it wasn't overly loose. Honestly the only con about the dress I found was that since the sleeves are closer to the shoulder, it's hard to keep all my straps from showing. So I always have to be sure I've got those covered since it's not very appealing to see all these straps that the cloth doesn't cover. :)

In all I am fairly pleased with this dress and my experience with eShakti. Even though the prices are much more than I'd pay for a dress, I still loved the product. A special thanks to eShakti for allowing me to review this lovely dress! I hope you ladies have a most lovely day!
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Grace said...

We both chose the same dress in the same color! :D It looks lovely on you. ;)


Bethany said...

Why, thank you Miss Grace! That is so funny how we both reviewed the same dress without realizing it! :)