Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Though The Bud Be Bruised Book Review

Today I have a  book review for you ladies! I'd recently found out about a wonderful website called were they have a review program set up for bloggers were you can review free copies of Christian books! I eagerly signed up since I love to read and love to host product reviews and was very excited about reviewing their books. The first book I choose to review was titled Though The Bud Be Bruised and today I'm here to share with you my thoughts on the book!

About The Book ::
Title: Though The Bud Be Bruised
Author :: Jo Wanmer
Publisher: Even Before Publishing
Number of Pages :: 281
Version :: Paperback
Source :: Book Crash Review Program
Age Group :: 16+
ISBN :: 978-1-922074-07-2

This is an Australian Christian fiction novel that is based on a true story, written by Jo Wanmer. The story is about the Heymer family, and their 13 year old daughter, Isobel. In the beginning of the story we learn that Isobel has been suffering secret abuse from her family's "friends" for several years, and that her parents are unaware that  their "friends" the P's are using their friendship and Christianity merely for access to their daughter. A few chapters into the book the man who was molesting Isobel,  Harry P. commits suicide {I'll spare you the gory details, you would thank me} and even though Harry is no longer living on this earth, Isobel and her family still have a difficult time forgiving and recovering from the abuse that was deceptively planned out behind their backs. While Harry was still abusing girls, he professed faith in Jesus Christ and regularly attended church and Wednesday night Bible studies. The Heymer family had a hard time grasping whether Harry's Christianity was real or fake, and wonders if his wife, Mae is still a Christian herself. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Product Review & Giveaway :: Lilla Rose

Hi there! As some of you may remember, awhile back I was blessed to be able to review some of Lilla Rose's Flexi clips for my mother and sister, and today I'm back with another Lilla Rose feature! For those of you who were disappointed that you didn't win the last Lilla Rose giveaway, then stick around for your chance to enter another giveaway today!

About The Company ::
{Website} ~ {Facebook

{If you click on the website link and it doesn't show Sarah's page click on the little link in the top left corner of the screen that will say "Looking for Sarah's page? and it should take you right to it."}

Lilla Rose is a wonderful company that sells all sorts of womens' hair accessories including headbands, hair sticks, bobby pins, and the famous flexi clip. Some of you may be familiar with the unique flexi-clip, but if you aren't then you are in for a treat! Basically the flexi clip in a hair clip that has a hair stick on the bottom which slides through the top part which is flexible, thus working to hold all hair types. There are several different designs to choose from and they are all simply gorgeous! And the best part is there are 6 different sizes: mini, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and lastly mega so that no matter which hair type/length you have, there is a clip just for you!

Lilla Rose has lots of different consultants who are ladies that love the flexi-clip so much that they sell them. Today our giveaway is going to be sponsored by a sweet consultant which I've had the pleasure of working with, Sarah M. 

Okay, so would you like to see some of Lilla Rose's lovely flexi-clips?
{Roman Cross ~ Size Small $14.00}

Monday, June 18, 2012

Product Review :: eShakti

Hello ladies! Today I have a product review for you all! For those of you who are hard to fit clothing-wise, like me, then this review is for you! 

About The Company ::
Today's feature is a neat company called eShakti {pronounced e-shuck-tee} that specializes in customized clothing to fit your body shape! I had seen that a few of my other blogger friends had the chance to review one of their items, and I loved their dresses, so I asked if I might be able to review their company and to my great delight they said yes! :) Personally I don't have hardly any dresses-mainly because they never fit me! They are always too tight here or too loose here or not long enough or modest enough to fit my personal modesty standards. This website is the answer to that problem since they allow you to customize your clothing! Their motto is "We design. You customize." and it's certainly true! This website sells all sorts of womens' clothing from dresses, to skirts to accessories! And all their clothing has customize options! For only $7.50 more you can give them your measurements and they make the dress to fit your body measurements! How cool is that?

Here is a bit about eShakti straight from the email that the eShackti worker sent me:

"eShakti is a unique women's apparel store online that allows custom changes in the style of the garment - sleeve, neckline, length can all be changed by the customer to her preference.
We also offer the full size selection from size 0 - 26W and custom size too.  Even custom clothes are shipped in 5 business days.  We ship across the USA and Canada.
The special appeal of our designs are the embellishments we give via print, embroidery and fabric texturing.  So its designer-wear that is not readily seen in stores. 
Unlike other stores, we are never stocked out.  All the hottest colors of the season in every product and style and in every size is always available."

Here are a few favorite dresses:

{Rosette Trimed Blooms Dress $69.95}

Monday, June 11, 2012

Giveaway :: Sew Colorful Designs

Good morning! I hope you are all having a blessed day! This lovely Monday I have a sweet giveaway for all of you who have pen-pals and love pretty stationery!

About The Shop ::

Today's shop feature is Sew Colorful Designs which is a colorful etsy shop that sells all sorts of lovely cards! She has a card available for every occasion wether it be graduation, Father's Day, weddings, birthday, or a blank interior card sold by sets to send to a friends along with a sweet letter.  Let's take a look at the shop's for sale items!

Handmade Wedding Card / Giftcard Holder with Matching Embellished Envelope - Cake and Congrats
{Wedding Card ~ Love & Marriage $4.50}

Monday, June 4, 2012

Giveaway :: Made By Lin Lin

Good Monday morning to you! Thanks for stopping by! Today our etsy shop feature and giveaway is sponsored by a lovely etsy shop, Made By Lin Lin!

About The Shop ::

"My name is Lindsay and I am the founder of MadeByLinLin. My studio is based out of Vancouver, British Coloumbia. I sell handmade, unique, quality, and affordable jewellery and accessories for all ages and styles. I opened MadeByLinLin on November 2010 and have never been happier designing and creating products for people around the world."

Made By Lin Lin is a cute, affordable etsy shop that sells all kinds of lovely jewelry! One of my favorite things about today's featured shop is that everything is VERY affordable! I mean anyone can shop here and she has some lovey selections! Let's take a peek through the shop, shall we?

Lilac Purple Rose Antique Brass Necklace
{Lilac Purple Rose Antique Brass Necklace $15 USD}