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Product Review & Giveaway :: Lilla Rose

Do you enjoy putting your hair in a pretty, feminine style without having it take forever? Well if so then today I'd like to show you a neat company called Lilla Rose that sells a unique, pretty, easy hair clip that I've fallen in love with!

About The Company ::
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Lilla Rose is a neat company that is made up of many consultants. Lilla Rose mainly sells hair jewelry, including hair sticks, bobby pins, o-rings, and headbands. They also sell necklaces, earrings and badge holders. But the most well-known item that Lilla Rose sells is the unique flexi-clip. The flexi-clip is definitely unlike traditional hair barrettes and ponytail holders due to it's flexible top and sliding stick that holds hair in place. I'll show you some pictures of the flexi-clips here in a minute but first I'd like to tell you a bit about the wonderful consultant who is sponsoring us today! Her name is Gail Harris and she was so sweet to let me review some of Lilla Rose's items as well as host a giveaway. She is a fellow sister in Christ and has been so sweet and kind through our messages together. I'm very excited about helping her share the word about these wonderful clips she sells!

I'm very excited to now be able and share about Lilla Rose's famous flexi-clips so to give you an idea of how gorgeous and feminine the clips are I'd like to show you some of the ones they have for sale! As you will notice, they are super pretty! I love all the designs they have and had a hard time choosing a few to show you, but I came up with these:

{Deep Set Rose in Bronze}
{Floral Design}
{Scroll-work Heart}
{Fairy Aurora Borealis}
{Princess Tiara Dangle}

{Muliti Cluster Stoneset}

{Silver Filigree Heart}

This is just a small example of the many, many, felxi-clips they offer, and I'm not kidding you there are so many to choose from!! They have six different sizes for the clips: mini, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and mega, so no matter what hair type you have, there is a clip for you! And seriously, if these clips are beautiful hair jewelry, than what is? If you are interested in seeing what size flexi you'd need then check out this helpful video that helps you decided what your size is, and you may just need to know, because you have a chance to enter in a giveaway for a free flexi clip later on in this post! ;D

And for seeing all the neat styles you can do with the clips, watch the fun videos HERE, just click on "hair styles." They show how to do pony-tails, buns, drop buns, half-ups, tail's-up and more!

The Product Review ::
Gail was so sweet to let  me review two flexi clips, so I decided to let my sister Ashley choose one she'd like in her size {since it was her birthday} and then I let my mom choose one she would like in her size for a Mother's Day gift. They were thrilled at being able to pick one and had a very difficult time finding one they liked since they were all so pretty and feminine! :) But they finally decided on one and here are their choices!

My sister Ashley choose the etched lily with amethyst flexi-clip in size medium.

My mother choose the open flower jet flexi in size small:
The package
To start, I was very surprised and the wonderful shipping! I emailed Gail and told her which clips I'd like on Wednesday and I had the clips on Saturday! So it was very fast, and it was convenient to get my mom's clip before mother's day. They were packaged all pretty in a pink bag and they came with a styles page showing how to do a few hair styles as well as a card advertising being consultant.

At first I was very nervous about getting the right sizes. My sister Ashley has long curly medium-thickness hair so I got a medium for her after viewing the sizing video which was helpful. She can do mostly all hairstyles with the size medium but they were more snug. I may have gotten a size large for her if I did it again, since her bun is very tricky to do since it's so tight and almost too small of a clip for the amount of hair she has. But it works wonderful for her! I was very pleased to find that even though my hair is EXTREMELY thick that her size medium works in my half-up! Here are some pictures of the clip in Ashley's hair:

Felxi-clip, size medium in my sister Ashley's hair.

A close-up.


Clip's front,

Clips back.

In a oblong bun.

Ashley's clip {size medium} in my hair as a half-up.
For my mother's clip I got a size small for her. She has very fine, straight, long hair and the size small works fine for her! She loves doing buns and half-ups best and I think it looks very pretty in her hair! The size small also fits my 7 year old sister Abby, so she was excited about that! Here are some pictures of the size small clip:

My mother's clip {size small} in my 7 year old sister's hair.

Clip front.

Clip back.

My Mom's clip {size small} in a ponytail.

In a bun.
When I first got to know about the flexi-clip I was thinking it would be a challenge figuring out how to work it! ;D It does look a bit complicated but I was very pleased to find that it's super easy to do! Basically all you do is slide the long bottom stick in and out of the flexi-8 part. The hardest thing about using the clip is holding your hair in place as you get the clip secure, but after a couple times you get the hang of it. I loved how sturdy the clips are. I have no doubt that they will last much longer than the average pony-tail holder!

The clips are very comfortable to wear! They aren't extremely tight, but they aren't so loose that they fall out either. I had heard from others that they were very loose and didn't give them headaches, but I personally like my hair being very secure and a bit more tight so I was wondering if it would be too loose on me. It worked perfect! I had heard of people even sleeping in their clips since they were that comfortable! Another wonderful thing about the clips is that there are SO many designs to choose from and you can do virtually any hair style with them! They can replace pony-tail holders, and bobby pins and are very pretty and feminine! I love the clips we received and am very thankful for the opportunity to review them! I'd highly recommend them to you! Thanks so much Gail for allowing me to review these lovely clips! My sister and Mom loved them and wear them often!

The Giveaway ::
As mentioned earlier, today Gail will be so kindly offering one of our readers a free flexi-clip of their own, any clip up to a $15 value! The winner will get to choose the style and size flexi clip she would like. Thanks Gail for sponsoring us!!

How To Enter ::
Use the raffle copter widget to enter. Giveaway ends on May 30th. 2012 and the winner will be announced on the entering widget as well as contacted via email. A special thanks to Gail for sponsoring us today! Also Gail is currently hosting a special deal were if you buy three flexi clips then you get one for free for all new customers! You can contact her on her Lilla Rose page for details!


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