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Giveaway & Product Review :: Tundra Trading

Thanks for stopping by today! This morning I will be reviewing some goodies from Tundra Trading as well as hosting a giveaway! 

About The Store ::
 Tundra Trading is a wonderful website that is perfect for those who desire to eat healthier foods and watch the things that go into them. This website sells all naturally sweetened mints, gum and licorice...all sweetened with a natural sweetener called xylital. A while back I had no idea what xylital was, but now that I've been investing in this review I've been doing some reserch on xylital. Here is an excerpt from on the benefits of using xylitol instead of sugar:

Xylitol is a naturally occurring carbohydrate. It is found in fibrous vegetables and fruit. It also occurs naturally in our bodies – in fact, an average size adult manufactures up to 15 grams of xylitol daily during normal metabolism. Pure xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar. 

Xylitol is only slowly absorbed and partially utilized; therefore a reduced calorie claim is allowed: 2.4 calories per gram or 40% less than other carbohydrates. In addition, the body does not require insulin to metabolize xylitol, which has made it a widely used sweetener for the diabetic diet in some countries. In the U.S., xylitol is approved as a food additive in unlimited quantity for foods with special dietary purposes.

Over 25 years of testing in widely different conditions confirm that xylitol use reduces tooth decay rates both in high-risk groups (high caries prevalence, poor nutrition, and poor oral hygiene) and in low-risk groups (low caries incidence using all current prevention recommendations). Sugarfree chewing gums and candies made with xylitol as the principal sweetener have already received official endorsements from six national dental associations.

Xylitol is found widely in nature. In addition to a variety of fruits and vegetables, Xylitol is also commonly extracted from birch bark. It is important to remember, however, that Xylitol is a specific molecule. The Xylitol extracted from one source is exactly the same as Xylitol from any  other source – just as the sugar (sucrose) extracted from beets is exactly  the same as the sugar we get from sugar cane.

While Xylitol is just as sweet as table sugar (sucrose), it has about 40% fewer calories and 75% fewer carbohydrates. That in itself can make a big impact on your waistline! Importantly, xylitol is slowly absorbed and metabolized, resulting in very negligible changes in insulin. Xylitol therefore won’t raise your blood sugar like regular sugar, which puts tremendous strain on your system, causing negative health effects.

The xylitol in Xylichew Gum and Mints does not come from China and is not made from corn. It is made from the birch tree and does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO). The only sweetener in our products is xylitol.
The Product Review ::
 Since my mother is pre-diabetic and has to watch what she eats, lower her sugar intake, etc. and since we all are trying to eat healthier I was so excited to be able to review some Tundra Tradings items! They kindly sent me  a 240 piece pack of peppermint flavored breath mints as well as five blister packages {12 pieces of gum in each} of their gum in each of their five flavors: licorice, peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon and fruit.

I really enjoyed the breath mints. They are very "minty" and are sure to kill any bad breath quickly as well as freshen up any smile! :D  Plus they taste wonderful as well! They will definitely come in handy when I'm out and about but don't have time to brush my teeth...I can just pop one or two in my mouth and be good to go! I was also very impressed with the generous amount they gave me to sample!

The gum was very nice although I was a bit disappointed to find that they didn't hold their flavor very long. But as far a being naturally sweetened I couldn't tell they didn't have any sugar, they tasted just as sweet as other sugar free gums with unnatural sweeteners! The licorice flavored gum tasted more like root beer to me, and I didn't really think I'd like it at first but I actually was very surprised after tasting it. To me I think it would have been better named root beer float, but maybe its just my taste buds. :) The fruit flavor was probably one my favorites and full of wonderful fruity flavors! The peppermint and spearmint were great for chewing after a meal to give you a great breath, they were very fresheshing.

The cinnamon had a bit of a kick to it. It wasn't "spicy" but it wasn't normal either, it had just the right amount of spice for me and tasted a lot like cinnamon! My siblings were all eager to try out the different flavors and they all agreed that they really liked all the flavors!

Even though the boxes they came in probably couldn't have been designed in a  more "newer" style, I really liked the contents and loved the texture of the gum. Other than the fact the flavors don't hold as long as I'd like {they held about 5-8 minutes}  then they are wonderful! But if your looking for a sugar free, natural healthy chewing gum alternative you might want to give their products a try!

The Giveaway ::
Today we will be giving away one package of XyliChew licorice  flavored gum {although to me it tasted a lot like root beer, but maybe it's just me...} and one package of XyliChew peppermint flavored gum! A special thanks to Tundra Trading for so kindly giving away these items today! The winner will receive a 12-piece blister package of both the flavors.

How To Enter ::
To enter please use the Rafflecopter widget below. You must be a public follower of Giveaways of Blessing in order to enter, or if you don't have a Google account, then you must follow via email. Both options can be found on our sidebar. The giveaway will end on May 1st 2012, and the winner will be announced the next day as well as be contacted via email. Have a blessed day!

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Elizabeth said...

I have had Xylitol gum before and it was very good.

Sadie said...

Looks like a great product and giveaway! Thank you for doing these reviews and giveaways :)