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Giveaway & Product Review :: Petal Gifts

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! This morning I'd like to celebrate Giveaways of Blessing's 120 followers with another neat giveaway! A special thanks to all my followers for following me! You ladies are such a joy to my day and I'm so glad that you all have chosen to read this blog and take a part in the giveaways hosted here!

Are you in love with The Chronicles of Narnia? If so then you will want to stick around for todays feature and giveaway! Today's Monday sponsor/shop feature is Petal Gifts and today I'm very excited about sharing the shop with you all!

About The Shop ::

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Petal Gifts is a lovely online shop that sells earrings, booby pins, and bookmarks! The shop is divided into four collections or categories: The Original Collection, The Fairy Tale Collection, The Prestige Collection, and The Narnia Collection {my personal favorite! :D}. Lois is the sweet owner and she recently offered to host a giveaway and review for which I'm very thankful! 

Petal GiftsOne neat thing about Petal Jewelry is 10% of their purchases go towards charity. So you can shop there feeling great about not only getting wonderful products, but helping others as well! Mostly all her items are nickel and lead free, so it's fine for those with allergies. Also, as a note, they are located in Ireland, so orders will take some extra time to receive since they are coming from around the world, depending on were you live. :D

Here are some of her lovely items:

The Product Review ::
Lois was so sweet to let me pick an item I'd like to review. She recently got her new Narnia collection in were she has earrings and bookmarks with Narnia themes! There is one for each book and she is going to have bracelets and necklaces coming soon!

Okay, so if you know me then you'll know that I'm definitley a Narnia fan! I choose to review her Prince Caspian bookmark in silver. Since I LOVE to read I thought it be neat to review her lovey marker...and it would definitely hold up better and last longer than a normal bookmark. Here is a picture of the bookmark from her site:

Prince Caspian Bookmark in Silver

I received my bookmark fairly quick, especially since it was coming from Ireland! It only took about a week to get here and was very securely and nicely packaged. It came along with two business cards and some information on Petal Gifts as well. Lois was very sweet to let me review on of her items and I love her shop! She has such neat items that I just love!

This 3 1/4 inch bookmark in silver is perfect for the Narnia fan! I love how sturdy it is versus a normal paper bookmark and I love the fun effect the dangling charm brings! It's perfect for marking my last place in my current book that I'm reading and is  "very Narnian looking, isn't it?" {High five to anyone who notices that quote from The Voyage of The Dawn Treader at the scene were Lucy is talking to Edmund about the painting! :D} 

I choose the Prince Caspian bookmark mainly because, I love crowns! It also has a sweet reminder that we are all daughters of the High King, Jesus Christ. I also love the movie Prince Caspian, though it was different than the actual book {for instance, in the movie, at the train station in their "transition" to Narnia, Edmund makes a fuss about having to hold Peter's hand, but in the book, it's actually Edmund that tells everyone to hold hands. Also, there was no romance involved between Susan and Caspian, especially NO KISS! But anyways...still like the movie!} But anyways, I'm getting off topic here, sorry about that, I can go off on a long list once I get talking about Narnia! :D But yes, I really am pleased with the bookmark and very impressed with her shop!

One thing I like about the bookmark is how it has the charm dangling at just the right length. It's no so long that it's constantly in the way of things, but it is just long enough to add a special effect! I also love how it lays in the book like a perfect fit! I'll definitely be using this bookmark in the near future! 

So in overview, I'd highly recommend you take a look around at Petal Gifts! She has some lovely items for sale, and even though it takes a while for the mailing, it's worth the wait! Lois was very sweet and very helpful and got back with me quickly every time I contacted her. For those who love Narnia I highly recommend that you go check out her wonderful Narnia pieces HERE! A big thanks to Lois and Petal Gifts for allowing me to so kindly review this magical marker!

The Giveaway ::
Today Lois will be giving away one Narnia bookmark of the winner choice {choose from 7 different bookmarks!} in the winners color choice of bronze or silver. Isn't this awesome? To view the options click HERE! Thanks so much, Lois for sponsoring us today!!

How To Enter ::
To enter, please use the Rafflecopter widget below, you must use this gadget in order to enter otherwise your entry will not be counted. To enter simply sign in or use your name and email and then complete the mandatory entry to follow Giveaways of Blessing. After that it will unlock extra entries you can complete for even more points! The giveaway will end on May 9th, 2012, and the winner will be announced shortly there-after on the blog and will be contacted via email. You may now start to enter!

In closing, I thought I'd share a neat Narnia fun fact, one that whenever I tell anyone they are like "No way! Seriously?" Okay, so here is the fact: The boy who played Edmund Pevency in the Chronicles of Narnia movies, his great-great-great-grandfather was Charles Darwin? Hmmm...wonder what he would say about Skandar {the actor} playing in three Christian movies.......? :D Well have a great day! 

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Savanna Joy said...

Oh Bethany, I have already entered, It was hard to pick my Favirot Narnia Character though...I love them all! But I did choose Aslan, For after all he is my favorite!

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These are really neat!
Emily J.

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I can't believe I won! Thanks so much, Bethany!