Monday, April 16, 2012

Franklin Springs Family Media Review

Greetings! Today I'm very pleased to be able and share with you all about a wonderful family-friendly film website through a product review! :D

About The Shop ::
Franklin Family Springs is a wonderful site for families! They offer several films and the best part is that every single one if family-friendly and Christ centered! They have all sorts of documentary movies about large, homeschooling families, a few of which we have seen and really enjoyed and were encouraged by! Now days it SO difficult to find wholesome films, much less Christian ones! But all the films at Franklin Springs are so wholesome and are sure to encourage you! Here are some of their wonderful films:

Gather the Family
Gather The Family DVD {Learn more and view trailer HERE}
Homestead Blessings: The Art of Cooking
Homestead Blessings: The Art of Cooking DVD {Learn more and view trailer HERE} Our family owns this one and love it! Highly recommended!!!
Measure Twice, Cut Once: Essential Building Basics for Young Men

Measure Twice, Cut Once DVD {Learn more and view trailer HERE} This movie shows how to make your tree house and my brothers really enjoyed it!
Pull Up a Chair: The Story and the Songs with Nathan Clark George
Pull Up A Chair : The Story and Songs of Nathan Clark George DVD {Learn more and view trailer HERE}
The Eden String Quartet: A Bountiful Blessing
The Eden String Quartet DVD {Learn more and view trailer HERE} This film is about four sisters who plan different instruments, I've only seen the trailer, not the movie as of yet but am very interested in seeing it!
UnPlanned DVD {Learn more and view trailer HERE}

A Full House of Blessing: The Inspiring Story of the Nicklas Family
Full House of Blessing {Learn more and view trailer  HERE} Our family has seen this one and were very blessed by this homeschooling family's story of living with two disabled children. Also highly recommended!

The Product Review ::
I was recently blessed to be able to review one of the DVD's in the Homestead Blessing series. Homestead Blessings is a series hosted by the West ladies showing how to do homestead skills. They have a DVD for cooking, canning, quilting, sewing, soap making, bread making, candle making, herbs, gardening,  dairy delights, sewing, and crafting. Each film features Mrs. West, and her daughters Jasmine, Cecilia and Hannah. For more information of The Homestead Blessing Series, or to view trailers click HERE!

Homestead Blessings: The Eleven Pack - Hosted by the West Ladies

The movie I choose the review is the sewing DVD. We recently got a sewing machine and I jumped at the opportunity to review this movie full of tips, advice and ideas! We already own the cooking DVD and have really enjoyed it so I was sure I'd enjoy the sewing DVD! I thought you'd all be interested so I've attached the trailer below so check it out!

Homestead Blessings: The Art of Sewing
Here is the product description from the website: 

This inspiring and education DVD teaches a wide-range of fun and useful sewing skills. Expand your knowledge  of sewing with helpful and down-to-earth instruction The West Ladies are known for, and develop a wide assortment of useful skills that will assist in making wonderful sewing creations.

Here is a fun excerpt from the film showing a portion on their rag quilt project:

The DVD arrived very quickly, I got it within three days! I really enjoyed watching the DVD and found it to be very helpful and full of great sewing tips as well as sewing projects that an level sewer could accomplish! On this DVD the West Ladies show how to make a doll blanket and pillow, a tiered skirt, feminine blouse, and rag quilt. They also had some neat "extras" were they showed past creations they made from simple things such as drapes, bed sheets and tablecloths all made through simply altering it a bit! They also show neat variations to add spice and feminine to your projects. I also found the extra bonus feature for the basic tools you will need when sewing to be helpful as well! The West Ladies did a wonderful job being very informational and giving lots of helpful tips. The movie was very well made for having been made in their home and gave wonderful angles as well as close up views to help you easily see how they did the projects, making it clear and easy to do them yourself! I'd recommend this DVD to anyone interested in sewing! I'd like to say  big thanks to Franklin Springs for allowing me to review this DVD! If you are interested in learning more about Franklin Springs and their family-friendly films then go check out their website HERE! Have a blessed day!


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