Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cozy Tea Treasures Giveaway Winner

PEACHY KEEN Reversible, Insulated 6-8 Cup Teapot Tea Pot Tea Cozy Cosy Also Available in 1-2 Cup and 2-4 Cup Sizes, Upon RequestGood afternoon dear followers! Today our Cozy Tea Treasures giveaway ended and so after a prayer and using to draw a random winner we have a winner, and it is.......

She won with her 37th comment for following Giveaways of Blessing!

Congratulations Miss Alli! If you will go find the cozy you would like HERE and come back and let me know your selection then we will get you your cozy ASAP! Thanks to Cozy Tea Treasures for sponsoring to all who entered! Giveaways of Blessing wouldn't be possible without you ladies, thanks so much!!! :D


Alli said...

Yay!!! Thank you SO much, Bethany and Rebekah!!