Monday, September 26, 2011

Blossom & Twig :: Product Review

Hello ladies! Today I've been so blessed to be able to post my very first product review here on Giveaways of Blessing! :D The lovely Etsy shop Blossom & Twig is sponsoring today's product review!

About Blossom & Twig ::

Blossom and Twig is a lovely little Etsy shop that sells such lovely paper goods such as pretty bookmarks, vintage envelope sticker seals, adorable gift tags, love bookplates and more! Priscilla is the owner of this shop and I was so excited to be able to do this product review for her!

Of course, everything Blossom and Twig sells, I am in love with {:D} but here are some of my favorites!

The Product Review ::
Priscilla has so generously allowed me to pick an item to review from her shop and I choose some lovely  pink d brown vintage sticker seals! I was so delighted to find them in the mail shortly thereafter! They were packaged with some pretty confetti as well as some lovely paper butterflies and flowers!

As you can see in the above picture Priscilla also sent me two lovely gift tags, I didn't even ask for them! She was so sweet to add those in and was very friendly and helpful with wonderful service!

Aren't they absolutely lovely? They make the perfect touch to a pen-pals letter and I'm sure that any pen-pals would enjoy receiving a letter with this lovely addition! They were very well made and nice and thick so they won't tear in the mail or when the seal is opened. I love them so much and they are the best seals I've ever used with great quality!

I really enjoyed being able to work with Priscilla as she was so sweet and friendly with great, quick service! I'm sure that if you purchase something from her lovely shop that you won't be disappointed!

I'd encourage you to go visit Priscilla's shop HERE! I'm sure you will find something that you like! :D A special thanks to Priscilla for allowing me to review these lovely seals!



Emily Ruth said...

I won a bookmark from Blossom and Twig once, and I love it! She also very kindly included two tags like yours. :) Her items are so lovely!

The Kautts said...

I am having (at least) a three day giveaway on my blog: it starts October 1st,2nd and 3rd and each giveaway will end October 15th.

Bekah said...

She has lovely stuff!